Resident Evil Gaiden Remake, produced by fans


After being released for Game Boy Color and forgotten by most players, Resident Evil Gaiden will get an unofficial remake. The information was recently released by the @GaidenRe profile, responsible for the new version. The post also brought a video of just over 1 minute, where you can check the mod running inside Resident Evil 2, from 1998.

“This mod will use the graphics engine of the PC version of Resident Evil 2. It will be a faithful recreation of the original title. Some changes will have to be made, as there are no official tools for development and much less open source,” said Aydan Watkins, of Resident Evil Gaiden Remake.

Resident Evil Gaiden is very different from everything that has appeared in games in the franchise. Launched in 2001, the title has a different perspective, with a camera in perspective from the top, and brings Leon Kennedy back to the franchise. The new version will have fixed cameras again, with low poly textures and graphics from the PS1 era.

Less frightening than the other versions, the game ended up being forgotten by most players, even for being released on an unconventional platform for the series.


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