Resident Evil: Franchise To Have Seven Ads Later This Month


Resident Evil: The month of October traditionally marks the celebration of Halloween (or Halloween) in several countries around the globe. To commemorate the occasion, Capcom said it will make seven more announcements for the Resident Evil franchise this month.

As you can see in the image below (and taken directly from the company’s Japanese website), five of these ads are scheduled to take place between the 22nd and 23rd of this month, the last two being reserved for October 25th and 29th – and most likely most of them are related to collectibles for fans of the franchise.

If some reports that are on the network end up being confirmed, it could be that one of these ads is related to the additional content pack for Resident Evil Village, but so far nothing has been said about the matter in an official way.

And you, risk any guesses of what’s to come? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.


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