Resident Evil Confirms Live Action Series On Netflix


The first season will be composed of 8 episodes, each one hour long, as confirmed by the platform. That a series based on Resident Evil was in the works was no secret. Deadline already anticipated in 2019 that Netflix was working on a live action series, although the platform had not officially confirmed it until now.

Through Twitter, the company has reported that the Capcom classic will have a television adaptation in collaboration with Constantin Films. “When the Wesker girls move to New Raccoon City, the secrets they uncover may be the end of it all. Resident Evil, a new live action series based on Capcom’s survival horror, is coming to Netflix, “they posted in the tweet.

The publication is accompanied by a photo of the script of the first episode, as well as a second message in which they comment that the first season will have 8 episodes of one hour. Andrew Dabb (Supernatural) will serve as showrunner and executive producer, while Bronwen Hughes (The Walking Dead, The Journey Is the Destination) will direct the first two episodes.

Two sisters, a terrible secret

The story, filtered beforehand, will narrate the experiences of the sisters Jade and Billie Wesker, who once settled in Raccoon City, discover that something dark surrounds their father and the city. A decade later, the population has been reduced due to the action of a virus that has contaminated more than 6 million people and animals, resulting in monstrous creatures. Jade, just turned thirty years old, will try to survive in this new world while uncovering the secrets of the past that connect directly with her sister and with her father.

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“Resident Evil is my favorite game,” Andrew Dabb said in an official statement. “I am incredibly excited to tell a new chapter in this incredible story and to bring the Resident Evil series to Netflix subscribers around the world for the first time. For all kinds of Resident Evil fans, including those who will be joining us for the first time, the series will be completed with a lot of old friends and some things that people have never seen. ”

Meanwhile, Capcom prepares Resident Evil: Village, a new installment of the saga for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC.


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