Resident Evil 8 Village: how tall is Lady Dimitrescu?


The new installment of the Capcom saga is one of the most anticipated games of the first half of 2021. Curiosity officially revealed.

Capcom is aware of the interest that Resident Evil 8 Village is awakening, in general, among its fan community; but also of the fame that Lady Dimitrescu is taking on forums and social networks, in particular. That is why the official Twitter account of the Resident Evil saga has shared an extensive message at dawn on Tuesday where they delve into her figure. It stands out, above all, the prodigious height of this lady: 2.9 meters (9’6 ”feet).

Tomonori Takano, art director of Resident Evil Village, has been in charge of signing the statement, which at this point has more than 103,400 ‘likes’ on the aforementioned social network, a clear symptom of the interest that arouses all the lore of the expected eighth main video game in the numbered series.

Near the rim of a basketball court: the height of Lady Dimitrescu

“As a representative of the development team, I would like to thank all the fans for continuing to support us,” he begins by saying in the note, as a result of the great reception that Resident Evil 8 Village is having since we knew its release date and it was published. the exclusive demo for PS5.

“Recently, Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters have received a considerable amount of attention; far above what we expected ”, she acknowledges, putting the accent on the figure of Lady Dimitrescu, above all“ both domestically and internationally, which has made all the team members very happy. And since I have heard that height is something of interest… ”, she expands, to give way to the fact that worries just by listening to it.

“If you include her hat and her heels, she is 2.9 meters (about 9’6” well). “


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