Resident Evil 8 Village gets Ray Tracing on PS5


The new installment of the Capcom saga will also be compatible with the special functions of the DualSense and with the 3D Tempest sound.

Resident Evil Village is the new chapter in Capcom’s classic horror saga, a video game that continues to pull the plot threads of the seventh installment, so we will control Ethan again. The title, currently exclusive to the new generation of consoles and the PC, has just revealed several of its features on PS5, some of them already known. It has done so on the website that PlayStation has opened about the game, in which it is detailed that Ray Tracing will be one of the main novelties.

This lighting effect, called ray tracing in Spanish, will be accompanied by dynamic 4K and HDR resolution. As previously confirmed, Resident Evil Village will benefit from Audio 3D Tempest technology. Jun Takeuchi, executive producer of the video game, gave his opinion some time ago about it and recalled that before players had to invest “a lot of time and money” to enjoy something similar. “Now, just by putting on a headset, you get the full 3D audio experience.”

Other additional features

Of course, users will have the opportunity to experience shorter loading times, but on PS5 there will be exclusive features tied to their DualSense controller. First, the well-known adaptive triggers, which allow to increase the immersion; on the other, haptic technology, which in this case will help the player feel that they are firing a firearm.

Resident Evil Village will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. At the moment there is no specific release date, but it is already confirmed that it will be marketed throughout 2021. As for a possible version for PS4 and Xbox One, Capcom dropped during the Tokyo Game Show that they were pondering it, although they did not no promise about it.

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