Resident Evil 8 Village dazzles in a new gameplay: new environments and characters


Resident Evil 8 Village: The Capcom title stars in the Resident Evil Showcase with three minutes of new sequences, stories and situations. Countdown to release.Capcom has unveiled an exciting new Resident Evil 8 Village trailer packed with new gameplay sequences at the Resident Evil Showcase. Apart from the second confirmed demo, of which we offer you all the details, a Mercenaries mode and Resident Evil 4 VR for Oculus Quest 2, lovers of the saga can liven up the wait for this eighth episode with this new three-minute video duration at the opening of this news.

Resident Evil 8 Village boasts graphics: “Ethan Winters. Welcome ”

With the narration of Mother Miranda, one of the architects of everything that is happening in the Village, we can hear more details about that character that we saw in the trailer prior to the one shown last night: Lady Dimitrescu’s younger brother. Also, this new trailer introduces us to new scenarios, such as one surrounded by ruined environments.

The character of Ethan Winters is the main protagonist of many of the scenes, who are welcomed by various characters in completely nondescript ways. It highlights the presence of creatures such as lycanthropes and the mention of Chris Redfield, who is apparently responsible for the death of Mia Winters, Ethan’s wife. In further delay, we invite you to watch the video for yourself to save yourself from ruining surprises.

Resident Evil 8 Village hits stores May 7

Throughout this week we have learned more interesting aspects of what awaits us in the work in relation to the gameplay. On the one hand, we have seen all the crafting and animal hunting mechanics in a new gameplay; on the other, aspects of the plot, the characters and the locations that await us in the adventure, which will be a direct sequel to the seventh episode of the saga.

Resident Evil 8 Village goes on sale worldwide this May 7 for PS5, Xbox Series X, Stadia and PC. A version for PS4 and Xbox One will also arrive that same day, but it will not enjoy the same technical ambition of the new generation of consoles.


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