Resident Evil 8 Village; All The Treasures of The Village of Resident Evil 8 Village; Where To Find Them and Location


Resident Evil 8 Village; Although they are all marked on the map, in the case of some it is necessary to go for them at a certain point in history. In addition, in most cases it is not enough to locate the chest and open it, but it is necessary to find the key or meet certain requirements. Since we don’t want you to waste time hanging around in vain, we help you to get them all easily.

Treasure: Explosive Weapon

Location: In the emblem house that you see at the beginning of the game, but cannot open it without the insignia key that you obtain while completing Dimitrescu Castle.

When: you can get it after completing the House of Beneviento, because when you return to the village you already have the four-winged key and you can access the eastern old town.

Reward: GM 79 grenade launcher.

Luiza Treasure

Location: it is in a small chest next to the door of Luiza’s house, crossing the orchards beyond the church and inside you will find Luiza’s key. However, the search for this treasure does not end here, as you must use the key to the chest in a second treasure located west of the altar, in one of the dark rooms on both sides.

When: Once the Duke marks your treasure chests on your map after a cutscene.

Reward: cup of cesare.

Master’s Collection Treasure

Location: it is in Lutier’s house (the one with a musical instrument engraved on the door), but you cannot access it until you find Lutier’s key, which is in the first cabin that you see as soon as you leave the House of Beneviento heading towards the village. When you enter Lutier’s house, open the closet using the code 270917.

When: Right after defeating Angie at the House of Beneviento.

Reward: hraesverger of steel.


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