Resident Evil 7 mod brings fixed camera


Even though it is common to find horror games with a first-person camera today, you can’t say that we expect to see this in more traditional franchises, including Resident Evil. Of course, that changed from Resident Evil 7, which presented this type of perspective to its players to deliver a more immersive and scary experience. But what if he had a fixed camera?

The result of the new camera was spectacular, surprising even those who didn’t quite agree with this Capcom decision that will be repeated with Resident Evil: Village soon. But there is still that curiosity of veteran fans to know what the game would be like if it had a traditional camera or even that fixed camera from the first games of the franchise.

Fortunately, we no longer need to imagine this, since a YouTuber known as Enveloping Sounds made a video showing exactly what that fixed camera would look like in this game. He used a mod that changes the perspective for the third person and used a tool that leaves the camera free, creating this effect as if you were playing an older Resident Evil.

The interesting thing is that even with modern visuals, only this camera is enough to look like we are in the late 1990s playing those first horror games that terrified us so much.

Although there is no mod that really leaves Resident Evil 7 this way, you can do the experiment yourself using the third person mod. Who knows, this might inspire someone to create a new mod just for that in the future? Comment if you find this camera angle nostalgic or if it really makes the game scarier by taking control of the player.

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