Resident Evil 5: Location of Collectible Emblems in Chapter 4


With its iconic and incredibly cheesy villain recently appearing in Dead by Daylight, Resident Evil 5 is sure to see a surge of new interest. Fans of the Resident Evil franchise can expect a flurry of memes and quotes as new fans fall in love with the uncompromisingly unique game. After all, in the fifth game of the franchise, a boulder in a volcano was punched, as well as a fan-created “de-make” that would allow the game to join the original Resident Evil on the very first PlayStation.

In this guide, players will embark on a journey through Chapter 4 to find collectible emblems that can unlock bonus costumes for Chris and Sheva, as well as several 3D figurines that players can use to get to know their favorite characters more closely.

Chapter 4-1 Emblems

In Chapter 4-1, “Caves”, there are three emblems that need to be unlocked. He sees Chris and Sheva enter a seemingly harmless cave, but discover that it is full of deadly traps and many players’ favorite collectibles, lots of sweet, sweet gold.

The first emblem

Shortly after encountering the terrible enemy spiders, players will need to climb the stairs. Looking into the ravine on the right, you will find this emblem.

The second emblem

Later in this chapter, once trapped in a chest, players will enter a four-sided corridor. After killing the enemies inside, the door will open, revealing this emblem above the door on the opposite side of the atrium.

The third emblem

After running through a corridor full of falling statues, players will find themselves in a huge room. Moving to the right until they are almost opposite a large green statue, this emblem can be found by aiming over it.

Chapter 4-2 Emblems

In Chapter 4-2, “Place of Worship”, there is one emblem that needs to be unlocked. In this part of the story, Chris and Sheva are involved in solving some classic Resident Evil puzzles— at least when they are not attacked by laser beams.

Towards the end of the chapter, after the players have settled with the power of the sun and solved two “redirect the beam” puzzles, they will need to solve another one to finish the chapter. In this last puzzle room, you can find an additional room with an open doorway. After entering it and turning around, this emblem can be found above the doorway.

What do BSAA emblems reveal?

For players who are looking to find BSAA emblems, there are a few useful things to unlock. Please note that most of them also require the completion of certain chapters or the entire game, and that the figures must be purchased from the Bonus features menu for points.

The number of required emblems Unlocks 5 DeChant Figurine Dave Figurine Kirk Figurine Reynard Figurine Magini Figurine (Cephalo) Magini Figurine (Agitator) Majini Figurine (Duvalia) Reaper Figurine Big Man Figurine Majini Motorcycle Figurine Majini Liqueur Figurine Ajula Crocodile Figurine Irving Figurine (Transformed) Figurine 10 Josh Figurine Jill Figurine (Brainwashed) Wesker Figurine Excel Figurine Irving Figurine Spencer Figurine Giant Majini Figurine Executioner Majini Figurine Chainsaw Majini Figurine Ouroboros Figurine U-8 Figurine Popokarim Figure Ndesu Figure 25 Chris in the STARS costume (first you need to complete the game) Figure Chris (Rare) Sheva (Rare) figure 30 Tribal outfit Sheva Figure Ouroboros Aheri

Resident Evil 5 is available on PC, PS4, PS3, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox 360.


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