Resident Evil 5: Location of Collectible Emblems in Chapter 3


Capcom’s recent penchant for remaking old Resident Evil games has some fans wondering if Resident Evil 5 will be the next remake. Renewed interest may begin with Fortnite and end with Dead by Daylight, but until the hype train reaches its final destination, it’s time to become a fan of Resident Evil 5.

Whether players love Resident Evil 5 or hate it, there is no shortage of content in the game. This guide will take players on a journey through Chapter 3 to find collectible emblems that can unlock bonus costumes for Chris and Sheva, as well as several 3D figurines that players can use to get to know their favorite characters more closely.

Chapter 3-1 Emblems

In Chapter 3-1 “Swamp” there are four emblems that need to be unlocked. This chapter presents gameplay with fans and a semi-open world, so technically the first three emblems can be unlocked in any order. The cut-off point for accessing them comes when the player uses four tablets to open the gate.

The first emblem

Solo players will find it difficult to destroy this emblem. From a place behind the railing on the starting island, you can shoot a sniper rifle at this emblem sitting on a pole. Players enjoying Resident Evil 5 with a friend can instead simply bring the boat up to the emblem and ask the passenger to shoot it, which is considered “collected” for both players.

The second emblem

Right in the middle of the swamps, you can find an island full of chickens and a chest with a silver bowl. Standing right next to the boat and aiming under the hut, players can shoot at this emblem or simply throw a grenade under it so as not to miss.

The third emblem

In the upper left part of the swamps, players will find a small hut and wooden scaffolding, which will lead to another treasure of the silver bowl. On the ceiling of a small hut you can find this emblem.

The fourth emblem

After the players find all four tablets in the boat section and open the gate, they will need to go down into the water. Immediately turning and moving to the left, you will find this emblem under the track.

Chapter 3-2 Emblems

In Chapter 3-2, “Place of Execution”, there are two emblems that need to be unlocked. In this part of the chapter, Chris and Sheva escape from a tribal village and make their way through an oil refinery, hunting for Ricardo Irving.

The first emblem

After dealing with the unpleasant crocodile and reaching a group of tents, players can find this emblem by going behind two available tents and examining the space between them.

The second emblem

Towards the end of the chapter, players will encounter a two-minute timer. As soon as the timer appears, open the door of the room behind them to open this emblem.

Chapter 3-3 Emblems

In Chapter 3-3 “Oil Field — Drilling Rigs” there is one emblem that needs to be unlocked. In this part of the story, Chris and Sheva are joined by Josh Stone (who later appears in the Desperate Escape DLC) as they battle through the industrialized swamps.

When the boat stops for the first time, quickly climb the nearest ramp to find this emblem at the bottom of the metal ledge. Players can also shoot him while the boat is moving, but the easiest way to get a sniper rifle while standing on the ramp.

What do BSAA emblems reveal?

For players who are looking to find BSAA emblems, there are a few useful things to unlock. Please note that most of them also require the completion of certain chapters or the entire game, and that the figures must be purchased from the Bonus features menu for points.

The number of required emblems Unlocks 5 DeChant Figurine Dave Figurine Kirk Figurine Reynard Figurine Magini Figurine (Cephalo) Magini Figurine (Agitator) Majini Figurine (Duvalia) Reaper Figurine Big Man Figurine Majini Motorcycle Figurine Majini Liqueur Figurine Ajula Crocodile Figurine Irving Figurine (Transformed) Figurine 10 Josh Figurine Jill Figurine (Brainwashed) Wesker Figurine Excel Figurine Irving Figurine Spencer Figurine Giant Majini Figurine Executioner Majini Figurine Chainsaw Majini Figurine Ouroboros Figurine U-8 Figurine Popokarim Figure Ndesu Figure 25 Chris in the STARS costume (first you need to complete the game) Figure Chris (Rare) Sheva (Rare) figure 30 Tribal outfit Sheva Figure Ouroboros Aheri

Resident Evil 5 is available on PC, PS4, PS3, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox 360.


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