Resident Evil 3 (2020): The best weapon for a speedy upgrade


Raccoon city in Resident Evil 3 is a dangerous place where dangers lurk around every corner. Considering the number of opponents in the game, as well as how strong they are, choosing the right weapon is an important gaming skill in Resident Evil 3.

From pistols to rocket launchers, from knives to Nemesis weapons, Resident Evil 3 offers a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Each weapon in the game has its own improvement path, and players can only upgrade a certain number of weapons, so deciding which weapons to upgrade is difficult. This guide should help make this decision a little easier.

CQBR Assault Rifle

The assault rifle is a very handy weapon in Resident Evil 3 due to its versatility. There are many areas where this weapon shines. He copes very well with Nemesis, and also copes well with meetings with several enemies at once, which happen very often. Overall, the CQBR assault rifle is a very handy weapon, and it’s worth updating as soon as possible.

Improvements to the assault rifle include a sight, a tactical grip and a double magazine. The sight increases accuracy, the handle significantly reduces recoil, and double magazines double the ammunition that the weapon can carry. Every update is worth getting as soon as possible.

How to Get a CQBR Assault Rifle

To gain access to this weapon, players must start the game at the Assisted difficulty level.

Places to improve the CQBR assault rifle

Scope: Go to the 1F West office. There, in the STARS chest at the police station, is an assault rifle scope. Tactical Acumen: To get Tactical Acumen, go to the 2F Hospital. There will be two broken windows. Jumping through the first window, players will get into the courtyard, where the tactical handle will lie on the pot. Double magazines can be found in the safe at the nurse’s post in the hospital. Combination for safe 9R, 3L.

Shotgun M3

Shotguns are an integral part of every Resident Evil game. Almost every type of enemy is vulnerable to a shotgun blast in close combat. Shotguns are especially effective against stronger enemies such as Desiccation Demons and Beta Hunters. The M3 shotgun is one of the best weapons in Resident Evil 3 for a reason.

Improvements to the M3 shotgun include a tactical stock, semi-automatic barrel and cartridge holders. These improvements help to increase the rate of fire, accuracy and total damage.

How to Get an M3 Shotgun

Players can get these weapons at the subway station. The chain blocking the entrance will have to be cut with bolt cutters.

Places of improvement of the M3 shotgun

Tactical stock for the M3 shotgun can be found inside the Clock Tower Monument located in downtown Raccoon City. To gain access to it, players will need to place two precious stones inside the monument. A semi-automatic barrel can be purchased at the Kendo gun shop located in the center of Raccoon City. Players can find a shell holder in an underground vault where they need to find fuses.


The pistol is a very reliable weapon in Resident Evil 3. This is the only weapon that has quite a lot of bullets and is effective against the main enemies. The pistol is the weapon with which many players spend the most time in Resident Evil 3.

Gun upgrades include a scope, an extended magazine, and a moderator. The dot sight increases the accuracy of aiming, the expanded magazine allows you to use more cartridges, and the moderator disables the weapon, increasing the chances of a critical hit. Players should strive to get all the improvements, as they significantly increase the effectiveness of the gun.

How to get a gun

The pistol is the initial weapon in Resident Evil 3.

Places to improve the gun

The dot sight is the first weapon upgrade that players can find in Resident Evil 3. It is located in a safe in a pharmacy located in the center of Raccoon City. The lock for the safe is L9, R1. Advanced Log: The only way to get this update is to get a box of supplies from Nemesis. To do this, players must shoot down Nemesis with a grenade during the first meeting. Moderator: As with the Extended Magazine, players can only get a Moderator by knocking down Nemesis for a crate of supplies. Nemesis drops the moderator when he is knocked down for the second time.