Resident Evil: 20 years later, games in classic molds


Resident Evil is one of the most classic video game franchises and, with the upcoming release of its next major chapter, the highly anticipated Resident Evil Village, fans are releasing more and more mods that reimagine traditional concepts from the series, taking it even to genres and unprecedented play styles!

The fixed camera, a convention abandoned for more than two decades, is a darling of modders. In addition to rescuing this retro charm, fans applied the idea to open world scenarios, including narrative choices that change the course of the adventure! Check out the most interesting mods for Resident Evil below:

Resident Evil 2: Destiny

In this Resident Evil 2 mod, players take control of the mysterious Vander, yet another survivor of the Raccoon City incident. Unlike other consecrated heroes of the franchise, Vander can make choices that determine what the narrative’s course will be, which is the great insight of this adaptation made by Christino Fronteras! The mod can be downloaded here.

Resident Evil 2 Overhaul The Origin of Species

Modder Komizo also bet on the popular Resident Evil 2 to apply their own ideas! If you know the original game by heart, you’ll love to check out the new cutscenes, character moves, advanced techniques, reimagined skins, items scattered around new places, new enemies and weapon rebalancing. You can download this mod here.

Resident Evil 3 Overhaul The Lord of Necropolis

If Resident Evil 3 is more your thing, Komizo has also prepared a neat mod for Jill Valentine’s adventure! For now, work is still in progress and we only have a demo to download covering the areas of Uptown and Police Station. Here, attacks from afar cause less damage, dodge moves have been added, new routes have emerged, and enemies have also been rebalanced. You can download the mod here.


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