Resident Evil 2 x Final Fantasy 7: Youtube Channel Produces Crossover


Resident Evil 2: Youtube channel Yic17 Studio has released a feature film that proposes an electrifying crossover between Resident Evil 2 Remake x Final Fantasy 7 games.

Thus, Cloud, Aerith and Tifa, characters from the Final Fantasy franchise, appear quietly shooting at various zombies, while replacing Leon, Claire and Ada, from Resident Evil, throughout the narrative.

The production is about 140 minutes long, even offering some romantic scenes for the fans. All sequences are built around the game’s cutscenes that feature individual character mods.

To give it an even more cinematic look, the film was captured on the company’s own PC at 4K resolution at 60 fps. The game’s HUD was removed so that none of this would impact the viewer experience.

You can watch the complete work below:

Learn about the crossover between Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy 7

In order for the project to be successfully developed, the studio ordered the specific mods for Cloud, Aerith and Tifa privately. As such, it has no download link and therefore none of the fans will be able to play it; the experience with the characters in this creative universe takes place only in the feature film. If you like this type of adventure a lot, don’t miss it!

The plot brings up a series of interesting trivia about some of the protagonists of Final Fantasy. It’s a lot of fun to be able to watch Aerith Gainsborough, for example, abandoning the magic that naturally guides her to wield a common weapon.

And the romantic scene between Cloud and Tifa is one of the highlights of the narrative, showing how the producers thought about the audience that would consume the crossover. In addition, Yic17 Studio has been carrying out such projects since 2006, with impressive titles in its portfolio.

Along with Resident Evil 2 and Final Fantasy 7, the studio has already ventured into Fire Emblem and the Persona franchise. The expectation is that in the future they will be able to produce even more, considering that the number of their followers only increases.

So be sure to check it out! Other works by Yic17 Studio are available on their YouTube channel to watch at any time. Don’t forget to comment what you think of this crossover via the comments section!


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