Resident Alien: Showrunner reveals details on its finale


Resident Alien, Syfy’s dramatic comedy series, finished showing its first season on Wednesday night (31). However, some doubts were left by the production, which has already been renewed for a 2nd season.

In this way, Chris Sheridan, showrunner and executive producer, in an interview with Den of Geek, explained some details to the audience about what happened at the end of the last episode and also what’s coming up in the series.

According to Sheridan, there was certain information that only he and Alan Tudyk, interpreter of the protagonist Harry Vanderspeigle, knew.

“When I developed the series and introduced it to the broadcaster, I talked about the idea of ​​the real Harry being responsible for the death of a specific character. Alan was the only actor who had this information before reading the tenth script, ”he commented.

Currently, producers are preparing to start the planning process for the 2nd season. On this subject, the showrunner points out that there are many ideas in his mind related to the characters of the series.

“I just finished the post-production of the 1st season. So, I still haven’t had the chance to really delve into it, but I’m going to start very soon trying to figure out what the new season will be like, ”he explained.

Resident Alien: series addresses plots with aliens in a fun way

The production features the arrival of an alien on Earth who assumes the identity of a human doctor. However, he has a very important mission on this planet.

Composed of ten episodes, the 1st season bet on the development of the main characters and the initial dramatic arc, showing that there is still much to be watched by the audience, afterwards.

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