Resident Alien: series is renewed for season 2 on Syfy


Starring Alan Tudyk, Resident Alien already has its second season confirmed. The series, which is an adaptation of the Dark Horse Comics comics, is one of the biggest hits on the Syfy channel.

According to the studio, the production is the most watched cable TV drama of the year. Since its debut on January 27, the series has had over 9.3 million viewers.

With 10 episodes in total, the final chapter of the first season is set to air on March 31.

Why does Resident Alien deserve a 2nd season?

According to Lisa Katz, president of NBCUniversal, Resident Alien managed to bring together several aspects in perfect harmony. An excellent script by Chris Sheridan, an incredible performance by Alan Tudyk, that perfectly mixes comedy and threat, and a team that tries its best to do something wonderful.

Katz says the series’ appeal transcends the sci-fi genre, which ensures a broader audience. The president concludes by stating that she expects more fans to discover Harry (Alan Tudyk) ‘s particular perspective on humans.

Resident Alien History

When he falls on Earth, the alien Harry decides to assume the identity of a doctor in a small town in Colorado. The alien has a secret mission that needs to be completed, but living with humans leaves him in a big dilemma: after all, is it worth saving humanity?

In Brazil, Resident Alien premiered its first season on February 15 on the Syfy channel.


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