ResetEra Is Acquired By MOBA Networks For US$4.55 Million


The ResetEra forum is already well known by the gaming community, and this Thursday (14) the news appeared on the network that the MOBA Network (which already owns properties such as, and purchased the site in a transaction worth a total of $4.55 million.

According to the information disclosed, the amount will be divided into US$ 3.55 million at the closing of the agreement and another US$ 1 million that must be paid by December 31 of this year. Another detail is that the team that is already known in the forum “will continue to moderate and interact with the community and work with the MOBA Network in the development of the domain”.

Finally, the ResetEra team highlighted that, for the community, nothing will change with this action, as Cerium, member and former general manager of the forum, commented that he himself will continue to be available and working alongside users – and, in his words, “the members will not see any change in the way interactions are done”.


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