Researchers Stored Energy Using Fruit Kernels


A team of researchers from Australian engineers used an organic substance this time to store energy. Researchers have managed to store energy in fruit waste.

Scientists are working in different fields to make our energy infrastructure dependent on fossil fuels a sustainable process. Energy storage ways are one of the areas where work is carried out to achieve a sustainable process . Some researchers are trying to use bio waste to store energy. One of the researches on an energy storage method using bio waste was done in Australia.

The team of engineers has so far tried to use watermelon scraps, pomelo shells and paper waste to create energy storage vehicles from bio waste. Durian fruit, which was used in the last saying , finally provided successful results in energy storage.

The researchers turned the nuclei of the durian plant into an ultra-light and porous airgel to store energy . Heat treatment was used to transform the seeds of the fruit into airgel. Nuclei converted to airgel were then cooled and covered with metal oxide.

In the trials after the conversion of the carbon-rich aerogel , the charging and discharging processes were successfully repeated. These successful trials show that toxic metals can be used in batteries for on-site bio waste.

It is currently unknown how much fruit should be used to create a supercapacitor capable of storing enough energy to use. However, the studies are still continuing in this direction by the researchers.

Comparing this method with the energy obtaining and storage methods we have today, the use of fruit seeds in energy storage will be cleaner and more sustainable . Now all it takes is to find out how to use the fruit seeds in batteries.