Researchers managed to observe complex atom interactions


Otago University researchers in New Zealand have succeeded in breaking new ground in quantum physics. The researchers managed to observe complex atom interactions never before seen.

Researchers from Otago University broke new ground in quantum physics and managed to observe complex atom interactions never before seen. In this study, where the energy and expertise of the researchers combined with many different equipment from mirrors to lasers, the quantum process, which can be understood by the statistical averages of experiments with many atoms before, was observed.

Along with the previously unprecedented image, the new study carried out allowed researchers to expand their knowledge on this topic. The results of the experiment surprised the researchers.

Details of the research
Associate Professor Mikkel F. Andersen from Otago University Physics Department explained their work as follows: “Our method involved capturing a single atom and cooling three atoms up to one million Kelvin using focused laser beams in a hyper vacuum cell. We slowly combined the traps containing atoms to produce controlled interactions we measured. ”

Marvin Weyland, a post-doctoral researcher, explained his work as follows: “Two atoms cannot form a cell alone; there must be at least three for chemistry. Our study was a first for this basic process and gave surprising results that were not expected from previous measurements. ”

According to the statement on his university’s site, the researchers were able to see the full output of the singular process and observe a new process where the two atoms abandoned the experiment together. Until this time it was impossible to observe this level of detail in multi-atom experiments.

Weyland said that with this study, they learned how atoms collide and how they interact with each other.


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