Researchers Discover That Rose Scent Increases Learning Power


A study by researchers from the University of Freiburg revealed that the scent of rose improves the ability to learn and acquire knowledge. The study included 50 6th grade students.

As living things, we can react to certain odors. We disgust something that stinks, we love something that stinks. So can fragrances improve a person’s ability to learn and learn? A new study on this subject has produced surprising results.

The researchers who took part in the study published in Scientific Reports made more than 50 6th grade students the subject of their experiments. More than 50 students were divided into two different groups and both groups were taught the same language. But one of the groups was instructed to put rose-scented incense on their tables while working in the evening classes.

Learning ability improved in students working and sleeping with the scent of roses:
Then the researchers created a vocabulary test that was prepared according to the knowledge they learned from the students. The students also made the prepared test and gave the papers to the researchers. The researchers encountered an interesting sight after examining and concluding students’ tests.

The test results encountered by the researchers revealed a great relationship between rose-scented incense and students studying and high knowledge acquisition. According to the results, an average of 30% increase was obtained in the knowledge acquisition of all students who were exposed to rose scent while sleeping and working.

This interesting study, carried out by Freiburg University researchers, revealed how beautiful and pleasant fragrances can be a supportive factor in daily life. Dr. in the research. Jürgen Kornmeier said the following about the results of their work:

“One of the results of this study is that odors work well overnight. This makes the results even more possible for daily life. Our study shows that we can facilitate learning while sleeping. And who would have thought that our nose could especially help us in this? ”

The results obtained by the researchers’ work are quite good. However, this study brought other questions to our mind: Is it possible to develop our different abilities by using different scents?


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