Researchers Discover a New Movement of Light


Researchers have been examining the movement of light around an axis for a long time, parallel to the direction the light goes. A new study shows that light can move in a different way.

Andy Chong and Qiwen Zhan from Dayton University found a new way of moving light. After two years of research, a new movement was discovered in which the light rotates around an axis perpendicular to the direction it traveled.

The results of Andy Chong and Qiwen Zhan’s research were published in the journal Nature Photonics on February 24. In order to detect the new movement of light, the researchers studied the light with an approach different from the approaches of previous research.

Two researchers who approached the light with a different approach discovered a different movement of the light from its movement around an axis parallel to the direction it traveled. In addition to its movement parallel to the axis, Işık also performs a movement rotating perpendicular to the axis.

Researchers have now started working on the application areas of the newly discovered movement of light. This study may take longer than discovery work. Two scientists think that this new light condition can be used to transmit large amounts of data more securely.

For the application areas of the discovered new light situation, the two researchers work by focusing on the materials that light interacts with. “We want to better understand how this state of light interacts with materials in space and time,” said researcher Andy Chong.

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