Researchers Discover an Exoplanet Resembling an American Football Ball


According to a new study, scientists think a new exoplanet candidate may have been shaped like an American soccer ball. The planet named KOI 1843.03 revolves around the red dwarf star. The exoplanet takes the form of an American soccer ball due to the rotation speed occurring close to the star and the shooting effect of the star.

The red dwarf star KOI 1843 is located approximately 395 light years from Earth, and its mass is slightly less than half the mass of the Sun. If KOI is the mass of planet 1843.03, it corresponds to about 44% of the mass of the Earth.

Another detail about the exoplanet in question is that KOI 1843 is made of 66% iron. This rate is only 32% for the world. “If the exoplanet would have had less iron, it would have been closer to its star and would have been disintegrated,” the researchers said.

“KOI 1843.03 is one of the most iron-containing exoplanets ever discovered,” said astrophysicist Leslie Rogers of the University of Chicago. In addition, the exoplanet has an extremely rapid traverse action. “It is 1 year for this planet, a little more than a sixth of the day on Earth,” said KOI 1843.03, completing a round of his star in 4,245 hours. The researchers discovered that by performing three-dimensional simulations of the internal structure of the planet to find out what effects the rotational movement would have on KOI 1843.03, it could be described as an American soccer ball.

Astrophysicist Rogers stated that KOI 1843.03 is the most distant exoplanet from the sphericity ever discovered: “Our models show that the KOI 1843.03 extends significantly towards its star.”

KOI 1843.03 has an aspect ratio of up to 1.8. In comparison, a wide screen TV has an aspect ratio of 1.7 while a chicken egg has a 1.3 aspect ratio. “We expect iron-rich joints to lead to less distorted planets,” said Astrophysicist Ellen Price from the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysics Center.


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