Researchers Announced World’s Most Addictive Computer Games


Researchers Announced World’s Most Addictive Computer Games. What games do you think keep players from staying up all day? As a result of a research we have obtained this answer.

Nowadays, although there are numerous games to choose from, there are some games that one cannot get up with when one starts and wants to play constantly. So what’s the most addictive game right now? The answer was given by a large-scale study by Clutch.

Before moving on to Clutch’s research results, let’s share some other interesting results from the research. According to the research, women are more prone to play addiction than men. According to another result, people looking for a job are much more addicted to games than people who have a job. Now come to the most addictive games:

Most addictive game: Minecraft

Sharing his research, Clutch chose 17 of the most played games among 1,570 games. Of course, the concept of ‘Most Played daha later became tanım Most Addictive tanım. It is not possible to oppose this transformation; because the game we play the most is the game that connects us the most.

After evaluating the results, the most addictive game appeared. According to the research, Minecraft was the most addictive game with a score of 37.9. In the second place, Red Dead Redemption was followed by Minecraft with 36 points.

So how did the games score?

Each participant received an addiction score based on their results in a modified version of the field Greenfield Video Game Addiction Test.. The most addictive games were then selected according to the addictive points of those who chose the game they played most.

Minecraft and Red Dead Redemption followed For Honor and Overwatch, respectively. You may be surprised that you still haven’t seen it, but Fortnite is on the bottom of the list. Fortnite’s addiction score was 33.9. Minecraft, which once lost its popularity, was reincarnated, thus gaining proof.

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