Research Strengthening the Possibility of Coronavirus to Disappear by Warming Up the Air


The University of Maryland in the United States has investigated what connection is between coronavirus and temperature. Research has revealed that COVID-19 has seasonal properties. This is an indication that the epidemic may end when the weather gets warmer.

The coronavirus epidemic, declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, continues to spread at the rate of the first day. The virus, which has been transmitted to 487 thousand 648 people until today, caused 22 thousand 30 people to die. While governments are trying to prevent the virus outbreak, scientists are also working on the treatment of COVID-19 disease caused by coronavirus.

The epidemic, which has alerted scientists and government officials, does not fall on the agenda of ordinary citizens. People are trying to isolate themselves to avoid getting this virus on the one hand, and on the other hand they are wondering when this global epidemic will end. Now there has been a significant improvement in when the coronavirus outbreak could end.

Scientists who continue their studies at the University of Maryland in the USA have determined what kind of connection is between coronavirus and temperature. The results obtained from this research are the member of the Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee. Dr. Commented by Ateş Kara. Kara stated that the findings of the researchers in the USA were promising.

Speaking about the research conducted in the USA, Kara stated that the air temperature in the places where the disease is most common is between 5 and 11 degrees, the humidity is between 50 and 80 percent, and the speed of the disease is high. Stating that the research conducted in the USA shows that the coronavirus shows seasonal characteristics, Kara explained that the findings were important.

Places where the coronavirus is most common
Tens of statements have been made about the coronavirus outbreak. Some of the explanations stated that this epidemic will be history with the rise of air temperature, while others stated that the epidemic could continue until 2021. Research by US scientists supports the possibility that the outbreak may be history in the summer.