Research on the Sixth Mass Destruction by Human


Mass extinction has occurred five times since life began on Earth. The British scientist argues that the sixth mass extinction was carried out by modern man, and that the first victims of this mass extinction were neanderthals.

The world is a place where living things die as well as living spaces. Living things have disappeared 5 times in masses for different reasons, starting millions of years ago. Nich Longrich, a lecturer in paleontology and evolutionary biology at the University of Bath in England, claims that the Neanderthals were the first victims of the sixth mass extinction.

In his article for The Conversation, Nick Longrich claims that the process we are going through is a mass extinction process similar to the disappearance of other species. Longrich argues that the sixth mass extinction, unlike the others, is not caused by a natural disaster, but rather by the spread of Homo Sapiens.

In his article for The Conversation, Longrich said, “The emergence and spread of modern people in Africa leads to the sixth mass extinction. It is a 40,000-year-old event that extends from the disappearance of Ice Age mammals to the destruction of civilizations and the destruction of rainforests today. ”

Nick Longrich from the University of Bath says that homo sapiens are the most dangerous species of human species that outperform others. The scientist explained that he thought that humans caused the extinction of many animal species, destroyed the forests of the planet, and was the most dangerous species because it changed the climate.

Longrich notes that some other scientists think that hunter-gatherer communities that lived before the agricultural revolution were peaceful, but this idea was not true. Scientists from the University of Bath, studies in primitive cultures, intense, widespread and deadly war, he said. In these primitive wars, ambushes were formed with spears, axes and springs.

Longrich, who says that the remains of ancient bone and primitive periods, are proof of this violence, says that the spearhead of the 9000-year-old Kennewick Man in North America has a spearhead and that at least 27 people are found in the 10,000-year-old Naturak region in Kenya.

According to Nick Longrich, other extinct human species are unlikely to be peaceful. Longrich says that the neanderthal skeletons show trauma patterns consistent with war. Homo sapien probably provided a great advantage against the neanderthals in this struggle with the weapons he developed.

Evidence suggests that abstract thinking and complex collaboration are what make homo sapiens superior to other human species. The same evidence, however, shows that the modern human species is intertwined with neanderthals. Genetic codes belonging to other human species were found in people living in different regions.


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