Research That Shows The Results That You Receive When You Search For Health On The Internet Is Extremely Harmful


According to a study, diagnosing your ailment on the internet is much more dangerous than we think because contrary to what is known, these diagnoses are often wrong. The rate of correct diagnosis in the first place is only 36%.

The Internet is now one of the most important parts of our lives. We consult almost everything on the internet in the first place. Usually thanks to the internet, we sometimes find useful information, but sometimes incorrect information may appear. Disease diagnoses are the leading information. According to a study, the diagnoses we found on the internet are more wrong than known.

When we feel unwell, we prefer to search our symptoms on the internet as the fastest and easiest way, but based on the information we have received from the internet, the diagnoses we make are far more wrong than we think. So, while trying to diagnose our disease on the internet, our chances of finding the right one are only 36%.

As we can see from the specified percentage, the rate of finding the correct diagnosis at the singular is quite low. For this reason, you need to think at least 2 times while researching your disease on the Internet.

Searching for a diagnosis on the internet is a risky method:
“It is tempting to use these tools to find out what’s causing your symptoms, although the results are unreliable,” at worst it would be dangerous, “he explained.

In the continuation of his speech, Hill stated that the internet could not perceive the whole body. “The truth is that these sites and apps should be examined very carefully because they don’t look at the big picture,” Hill warned people who will continue to look for diagnostics online to be more careful.

Hill also highlighted a research conducted at Harvard University in recent years. In a study on searching for diagnostics over the Internet, Harvard had reached a similar conclusion to the ECU. Harvard stated that the accuracy rate of the diagnoses was 34%, while the ECU was 36%. As it can be understood from this result, it would be best to go to the hospital if you have symptoms except very mild cases.


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