Research shows Among Us to be the most popular game


Released on June 15, 2018, Among Us is an online multiplatform game in which players are divided between astronauts and imposters. The team of astronauts must complete a series of tasks while trying to figure out who the imposters are, who in turn try to eliminate the other team and hinder their progress without being discovered.

The game has exploded in popularity in recent months, possibly as a reflection of the pandemic, and has even won several awards at The Game Awards, the “Oscar of games”. But according to research by the company SuperData, this popularity may have been much higher than most of us expected.

Studies reveal that Among Us reached no less than 500 million players on smartphones last month, thus making it the most popular game in history. Interestingly, only 3% of the public is established on computers, with the vast majority coming from cell phones.

The title went so far as to outwit popular games like Candy Crush Saga and Pokémon GO, and even to pass without difficulty huge PC and console franchises, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, which accumulate, respectively, 5.7 million and 663 thousand players.

The numbers are even more impressive when we consider the size of Innersloth, developer of the game. With only 4 members, the team reached a single milestone, as pointed out by The Verge. According to the publication, in a curious calculation, this means that there are 125 million players for each member of the development team.

If it depends on Innersloth, the monstrous popularity should not end anytime soon. The team abandoned the development of Among Us 2 to focus on the original game, with the first major update coming sometime in early 2021. This is the The Airship map, announced during the Game Awards, which brings new mechanics to the game. , such as stairs and “spawn points” in different locations, making life difficult for imposters.


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