Research Results Indicating You Must Throw Your Mask Immediately After Using


Researchers discovered that the virus could survive up to 1 week in masks worn to prevent coronavirus. This result shows that you need to throw away the masks immediately after using them.

The coronavirus outbreak has somehow affected the world. There are measures that everyone should take to protect from this epidemic. One of the primary measures is wearing a mask.

free to people in many countries, including Turkey and distributed masks and people are asked not to go to the streets unmasked. If the usage time of the masks that protect us under normal conditions is not taken into consideration, a reverse situation may arise.

The virus lives in masks for 1 week:
An article published in The Lancet magazine revealed that the new type of coronavirus can survive in surgical masks for up to 1 week. Researchers from the University of Hong Kong did the research.

The researchers studied how long the coronavirus survived on which surfaces. Accordingly, the virus cannot survive on tissue paper for more than 3 hours. The virus can survive up to 4 days on flatter surfaces such as money and glass.

It turned out that the virus survived for up to 1 week from materials such as stainless steel and plastic. Researchers have also discovered a striking truth. The presence of a dense virus that was noticeable at the end of the 7th day was also observed in surgical masks.

Daily cleaning supplies kill the virus:
Although the virus can survive for a long time, the cleaning products we use in our homes in daily life can easily eliminate the virus. In other words, if the surfaces are cleaned frequently and regularly, the risk of disease transmission from the surfaces can be minimized.

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It is quite meaningful that the research result comes after the “Wear a homemade mask” call recently made by the USA and Australia. Recently, officials from the U.S. Outbreak Control Center asked people to wear homemade masks. It was once again proven that these masks should be cleaned and washed frequently.


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