Research proves that Huawei is the World leader


Huawei seriously cares about 5G connectivity technology. Huawei’s work on this subject is reflected in the research and data. The company is currently the leader in both 5G patents and 5G base station sales.

5G technology is a fact that we cannot ignore anymore. Countries are slowly trying to build 5G connection infrastructures, while technology manufacturers have begun to equip their devices with 5G technology. Chinese technology giant Huawei has been working on both 5G devices and 5G infrastructure for a long time. Recent research clearly shows how much Huawei cares about 5G.

According to a study conducted by an intelligence platform called “IPlytics”, Huawei is the world leader in 5G. Huawei is the company that has filed the most 5G patent applications worldwide. Although most of these patent applications have been filed in China, the headquarters of Huawei, the company has proven itself in terms of 5G.

According to intelligence research, Huawei has approved more than 1,300 patent applications to date. The company has filed a total of 3,325 patents, including unapproved patents. Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, has filed a total of 2,846 5G patent applications to date.

Huawei and Samsung are followed by LG (2.463), Nokia (2.308), ZTE (2.204), Ericsson (1.423), Qualcomm (1.330) and Intel (934) respectively. In fact, this is a good sign, because it seems that almost every major technology manufacturer in the world cares about devices and equipment with 5G connectivity support.

Huawei’s patent applications claim that it is the world leader in 5G connectivity support. However, Huawei is yet another world leader in 5G. Leading the way in commercial 5G network agreements, the company has signed more than 60 contracts to date and delivered more than 400,000 5G supported base stations.

Expectations are that Huawei will grow further in terms of 5G-supported base station shipments. Huawei is expected to ship a total of 600,000 base stations this year, and is expected to exceed 1.5 million next year. Moreover, the sale of 1.5 million base stations is included in the US, which has a trade ban.

In fact, Huawei is aware of its success in 5G technology. Because the company’s founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei, despite the bans of the United States for the coming years, the target of more than 2 million base station sales as announced. Moreover, some of the base stations to be produced in this context will be made without any parts supply from the USA.


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