Research Admits Instagram’s Negative Effect On Young People’s Health


Instagram: Last Wednesday (29), Facebook published two excerpts from a survey it carried out to see how much Instagram harms the mental health of teenagers. The social network is accused of a lack of transparency in the dissemination of reports on the impact of publications, especially among young people.

The tech giant decided to publish excerpts from the research after the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) released a six-page story of the study. The vehicle’s disclosure came hours before Facebook executives spoke to US Senate congressmen about the matter.

The WSJ even accused Facebook of knowing the negative influence that Instagram has on the mental health of young people around the world. The company’s executives will have to defend themselves against the accusations, and for that they will use this produced report.

The effect of Instagram on young people

Despite caveats about the interpretation of the data, the report (which interviewed 565 teenagers in the US and another 557 in the UK) shows that social networking does affect minors. According to the survey, at least 1% of young people (16 people) responded to the survey saying they had suicidal thoughts because of Instagram.

The majority of UK teenagers (51%) said they also had thoughts about the need to create “a picture perfect” after going to Instagram. Regarding North Americans, the biggest complaint (42%) was that the network made them start thinking they didn’t have a lot of money.

In addition to the correlation with social network, the study looked at general questions about the psychological health of American and British adolescents. The results show that, in general, boys say they have better well-being than girls.

The majority of young people (75% of Britons and 67% of Americans) also responded that they feel socially pressured to look a certain way.


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