Rescue: Chris Hemsworth comments on action sequel plan in film


Chris Hemsworth’s new film, Rescue, will be released on Netflix and promises to have many action scenes. To prove this, the actor released a behind-the-scenes video of the production, showing a sequence made in a single 12-minute shot. Hemsworth commented that the difficulty of the scene was greater by the way the director wanted to record it. Check out.

“By far the most complicated action sequence I’ve ever participated in, and if it weren’t complex enough, our director decided to record everything at once – almost 12 minutes and it’s just as exhausting to watch as it was to film. Hold on, friends! ”.

Rescue marks a reunion of the MCU on Netflix. The film is produced by the Russo brothers, who have directed several films for Marvel, including Avengers: Ultimatum. The cast, in addition to Hemsworth, also has David Harbor (Black Widow) and Derek Luke (Captain America: The First Avenger).

The director, Sam Hargrave, has worked as a stuntman for Hemsworth in several MCU films, as well as stunt coordinator for some of Marvel’s productions. This will be your job as a director in a feature film. Check out the official synopsis of the film.

“The fearless mercenary Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) has nothing to lose when he is recruited to rescue the son of an international crime boss. The boy has been kidnapped. The father is in prison. The sinister underworld of arms and drug dealers makes mission almost impossible. One thing, however, is certain: after that, Rake and the boy will never be the same. “

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