Reports of Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine Published


The report on the first and second phase tests of Sputnik V, which was registered and started production by Russia, was published today. It was noted in the published report that the vaccine showed positive results.

Russia, which announced that it had registered the coronavirus vaccine in the past weeks, started production of the vaccine four days after this announcement. The vaccine, named Sputnik V, has been tested on humans for the past 2 months, according to the statement of Russian Ministry of Health official Sergei Glagolev.

The first test reports of the vaccine were published today in The Lancet science journal. In the preliminary tests of the coronavirus vaccine developed together by the Russian Ministry of Health and the Gamaleya Research Institute, it was stated that the vaccine was safe and created immunity. However, it was among the explanations that the vaccine had no serious side effects and that it produced antibodies in everyone in the first test group.

The results of the report published in The Lancet:

The report published in The Lancet was about the first and second phase tests of the vaccine. Sputnik V was tested on fewer volunteers during these processes. There were a total of 76 volunteers who went through two testing stages. According to the report, the vaccine managed to create immunity in all participants within 21 days.

It was stated that the vaccine also creates a T cell response that could provide protection against the virus for a longer time. The ages of the volunteers who participated in the vaccine tests were between the ages of 18-60. According to the report, the volunteers were kept in quarantine at the hospital for 28 days after vaccination.

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Russia, Registered Coronavirus Vaccine: Sputnik V

Phase three tests of Russia’s controversial coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V began this week. Sputnik V will be applied to approximately 40 thousand volunteers within the scope of the third phase tests. According to Russia’s announcement, Sputnik V, the first COVID-19 vaccine to be registered in the world, will begin mass distribution this month.

Scientists who were not involved in the research used the ‘promising but small’ interpretation of Sputnik V’s findings. Scientists have stated that the findings do not mean a clear conclusion as to whether the vaccine is safe. However, the World Health Organization said today, “We do not expect widespread vaccination until mid-2021.” had used the expression.


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