Reportedly, Warner Bros. how much money did the cancellation of the Batgirl movie save


Despite the fact that the new report is intended to repay the studio’s debt, it shows how much the cancellation of the Batgirl movie saves Warner Bros., which indicates a small saving. The film was supposed to mark the debut of Barbara Gordon in the DC extended universe, the daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, who decided to become the main character and fight Gotham crime, namely Brendan Fraser’s Firefly. Leslie Grace was appointed to lead the cast of Batgirl along with J.K. Simmons, Jacob Scipio, Brendan Fraser, Ivory Aquino, Michael Keaton and Ethan Kaye.

The movie “Batgirl” went through a roller coaster development cycle: WB initially hired Joss Whedon to write, direct and produce the project after his work on the reshoots of “Justice League”, although he left after a year due to the fact that, reportedly, he could not find a plot for the film. . Over the past few years, progress will finally be made, as Kristina Hodson from Birds of Prey has signed a contract to write the script, Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah from Bad Guys for Life have been appointed directors, and Grace has been selected, and production will run from November 2021 to the present. last March. Despite reports of plans to release HBO Max in late 2022, this week Warner Bros. she refused Batgirl, and new details about the reasons for the move are emerging.

Following the announcement, a new Deadline report apparently shows how much money Warner Bros. is saving. cancel Batgirl. Sources indicate that the studio intends to save about 15-20 million dollars by postponing the DCEU film for tax write-off. The report also indicates that many are questioning this decision, given WB’s desire to pay off $3 billion in debt and the $90 million claimed by the film, which makes its savings small in comparison.

News of the cancellation of the Batgirl movie came shortly after a major merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery, when new CEO David Zaslav wants to cut studio costs and pay off $3 billion in debt between its various divisions. The DCEU movie wasn’t the only one to get axed as a Scuba! 2 According to his co-creator Paul Dini, “Halloween with Ghosts” was also postponed, despite the fact that it was almost finished and was well shown to the public. Various reports have emerged as to why “Batgirl” ended up being canceled, with some pointing out that it was due to “incorrigible” test screenings, while others have since suggested that they weren’t that bad and that it was because the film didn’t meet the standards. the blockbusters that Zaslav wanted. from a superhero project.

The announcement that the cancellation of the Batgirl movie is reportedly saving Warner Bros. only $15-20 million will undoubtedly be another confusing blow for those who wanted to see the DCEU film, given its budget of $90 million, one of the smallest compared to other films. The DCEU fare, and how little such a figure will affect the $3 billion debt margin. Many are already calling on the studio to move forward and release the film, as they did with Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which was allocated a budget of $70 million to complete visual effects and music, as well as small additional photos. Although the head of the studio behind the release of “Justice League” on HBO Max has left, the chances that the movement to release the movie “Batgirl” will have the same impact seem low.


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