Report works on DJI’s autonomous driving technology


The drone and stabilizer technology company DJI may be about to bring major innovations to the market. That’s because a report revealed that the brand may be working on implementing autonomous driving and other types of developments for years to come.

According to leaks, DJI would be working in the selection process to assemble a new team focused on the development of autonomous technologies, even some would already be being hired, possibly with a focus on direction, something that could be the beginning of a reformulation in the way drones work, something very interesting for this type of equipment, or even invest in autonomous vehicles.

BTTransport’s information shows that the professional focus of the hires are engineers from various areas and with different levels of experience, such as in automotive electronics, autonomous driving, automotive software and the automotive industry, making this rumor even stronger.

Another point to be highlighted is that DJI would also be better studying the technology applied to LiDAR sensors, something that is essential for autonomous devices that need to track the environment in which they are inserted in order for locomotion to be carried out effectively.

Although it has not confirmed that it is working on these new features, it is not new that DJI has been studying new types of cameras that use the sensor, since these rumors have been around for years. So, now we can only wait to know what are the news that are “coming out of the oven” with the company’s signature.


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