Report: Top Quarterback Recruit Gets Seven-Figure Deals


Rookie five-star quarterback Malachi Nelson is taking full advantage of the new NIL landscape in college football.

According to American football insider Pete Tamel, by the time he sets foot on the Trojans’ campus, the USC commit is expected to agree to nearly $1 million in advertising deals.

According to 247Sports, Nelson ranks second overall in the class of 2023, behind only superstar rookie QB Ark Manning. He joined Lincoln Riley’s USC program after receiving offers from almost every leading program in the country.

Nelson NIL has a deal with The H.wood Group, “a Los Angeles-based hospitality and lifestyle company with a diversified portfolio of high-end nightclubs and restaurants.” The company is being created by a couple of USC graduates, including a former Trojans defender By John Terzian.

“It’s nice to be a part of it and be at the forefront of everything that’s going on, especially in high school,” Nelson told ESPN. “It’s good to get to the point where people get rewarded for what they do. It’s amazing to be ahead of it.”

While the NIL is certainly an added bonus for his upcoming college career, Nelson said he’s ultimately focused on moving up to the NFL level.

“It’s all fun, and it’s good to feel comfortable now,” Nelson said. “At the end of the day, we’re chasing the NFL and a second contract when you actually get paid. It’s all lining up to get to this point.”

As Nelson finishes his senior season at Los Alamitos High School, there will undoubtedly be more and more NIL opportunities.