Report to upset those waiting for iPhone with USB-C port


The iPhone with the USB-C port may have fallen into the water. This claim is featured in Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest research note. We learn that Apple has no plans to adapt to USB-C on future iPhone devices or to place a Touch ID sensor on the power button. These two technologies are also included in Apple’s iPad Air model, which was released in 2020.

The report published by Apple Insider also details the rationale behind Apple’s decision. “We believe USB-C is detrimental to the profitability of the MFi (Made for iPhone) business, and its waterproof properties are inferior to Lightning and MagSafe,” says Kuo. says.

So instead of a USB-C iPhone, Kuo suggests that Apple may switch to a long-rumored, port-less iPhone for direct charging that relies solely on wireless charging and specifically Apple’s MagSafe technology. In particular, MagSafe will offer a neat solution to both of the concerns raised by Kuo: MagSafe eliminates ports, making the phone even more waterproof than Lightning. In addition, Apple will continue to be compensated for license fees by still controlling the MagSafe standard through the MFi program.

However, Kuo also states that Apple does not think that the MagSafe ecosystem has reached the point where it can be trusted as the only charging method for the iPhone. Instead, it thinks Apple will continue to use the Lightning port in the “foreseeable future”.

Kuo’s report also denies another rumor for future iPhones: the idea that Apple could add a Touch ID sensor to the power button similar to the one it offered on its new iPad Air last year. According to Kuo, Apple has no time frame to add this upgrade. However, an earlier report from Bloomberg stated that Apple is testing a Touch ID scanner integrated directly into the display for this year’s iPhone series, but it is unclear whether this will be included in the final device.

Kuo’s entire report contains much more information about Apple’s upcoming iPhone lineup. For this year’s iPhones, there are displays with a smaller notch and higher refresh rate, rumors of the front camera built into the perforated screen in 2022, and forecasts of a potential eight-inch foldable iPhone that could be released in 2023 at the earliest.


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