Report Suggests Gisele May Not Attend Buccaneers-Cowboys Game


Tom Brady’s family problems with Gisele Bundchen are still relevant as he prepares for the Buccaneers’ season-opening match against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

In fact, recent reports indicate that B√ľndchen may not even attend Brady’s first game of the 2022 NFL season.

“This year everything is completely different than last year. She was glad to be here, we saw her here,” a source told People. “I’m not saying she can’t come, but she can’t be here for the first game of the regular season, and that seems strange.”

It is reported that the 42-year-old Brazilian supermodel is unhappy with her husband for his decision to retire from football at the beginning of this offseason. Obviously, she was prepared for Brady to spend more time at home with her and their two children.

B√ľndchen was so upset that she reportedly left the family compound earlier this month. She has since returned to South Florida to spend time with her children, but there is still noticeable “tension” between the longtime couple.

With or without his wife in the crowd, Brady and the Bucks will kick off their 2022 season in Dallas on Sunday.


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