Report Showing the Mortality of Corona Virus by Age


The China Center for Disease Control and Prevention prepared its first comprehensive report on the Corona virus. The report included striking information about the mortality rate of the virus by age.

The Corona virus (COVID-19) has crossed the border and began to appear in many countries around the world after it appeared in China. Several weeks after the virus appeared, authorities in China published the first comprehensive report on the mortality rates of the concerned Corona virus.

As of February 11, 2020, the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention compiled an article based on 72,314 patient records in China and 44,672 cases of Corona virus. In addition to the total number of cases detected, 1,023 deaths from the virus were recorded. The number of people lost their lives is 2.3% of the number of cases detected.

The article stated that the mortality rate gradually increased with age. For example, no deaths were found between children 9 and under. While the mortality rate in people between the ages of 10-39 is 0.2%, this rate rises to 3.6% in the 60-69 age range. The mortality rate is the highest among people aged 80 and over with 14.8%.

People with diseases are at higher risk of Corona virus. The report stated that the mortality rate in people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and chronic respiratory diseases is higher than the average death rate.

Finally, Chinese officials revealed that the mortality rate for men is 2.8% higher than women. The death rate in women was reported as 1.7%.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, President of the World Health Organization (WHO), stated in his statement yesterday that 3.4% of the confirmed cases died. Ghebreyesus stated that the virus has a more lethal effect than the flu, but it can be controlled.


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