Report says spending on apps increased by 20%


The market for apps and games accelerated during 2020, where much of this growth was due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, where many users ended up making cell phones a form of entertainment during social isolation.

With that, it was noticeable that the purchases made in certain securities had a considerable rise, breaking record last year. In practice, this means that the percentage of increase in the mobile app market was 20%, a considerable amount for the period experienced.

This information is based on the analytical report provided by the specialized company App Annie, where an increase in the download of apps was also noticeable, being 7%, which is equivalent to 218 billion of downloaded content, whether the same title or others within the App Store and Play Store platforms.

In relation to the 20% of castes, the total value was US $ 143 billion (~ R $ 743 billion), where the countries with the greatest influence in this growth were China, USA, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom. Regarding the time spent on apps, the average per smartphone was 4 hours a day, where the main highlights in this category were Indonesia, Brazil, India, China, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Germany and France.

The titles that end up being the highlights in 2020 are TikTok, which had the highest growth ever recorded, reaching 1.2 billion active users, in addition to the game Among Us, which managed to achieve an unexpected success in Brazil and the USA.

So, dear reader, did you invest in any game or app? If so, say how much you spent in the comments!


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