Report: Rumors about Deshaun Watson’s Punishment are not true


There was a lot of conflicting information about the impending punishment of Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

It is reported that the NFL insists on an indefinite one-year suspension of Watson, but there was also a message that the league is ready to make a decision on 6-8 games.

This report came from AP’s Rob Maadi on Tuesday evening:

“I was also told that the NFL, despite insisting on an indefinite suspension, wants to avoid the appeal process,” the source said, “a terrible situation for everyone involved,” so the league will most likely abide by Sue Robinson’s decision IF she returns from 6.”-8 games”, — wrote Maaddi.

This report was refuted by Mary Kay Cabot of . She informs that the league will not accept this decision.

That means the league is likely to appeal if Sue Robinson decides to suspend Watson for only 6-8 games.

Wednesday is the second day of the hearing, although Robinson has no timetable for making a decision.