Report Reveals Deshaun Watson’s Punishment Schedule: Fan Reaction


Nick Cummett

Deshaun Watson’s disciplinary hearing ended yesterday. But if you thought that the final decision could be made in the coming days or even within a week, you were deeply mistaken.

According to Mark Muske of the Washington Post, NFL/NFLPA disciplinary inspector Sue L. Robinson told both sides to submit a summary within a week starting July 11. The final decision will be made later.

The decision actually means that the decision will not even be considered until mid-July. The final decision can be made no earlier than the end of the month.

Judging by the reaction on Twitter, NFL fans are disappointed with how long the process is taking. Some are disappointed that there is still no indication of what the punishment will be:

It’s been more than a year since the allegations against Deshaun Watson first surfaced. Watson will not face any criminal charges for his behavior, but a lawsuit has been filed against him in civil court.

However, over the past month, Watson has settled almost all but a few civil cases. The NFL investigation has quickly accelerated, and now the league is ready to finish what it started.

Watson will almost certainly be suspended for a while. The real debate is whether this will be a short-term ban or an unprecedented one.

What do you think will be the final punishment for Deshaun Watson?