Report: NFL Wants Referees to Mark 1 Penalty This Year


Every new NFL season, the league usually forces its referees to pay special attention to certain moments throughout the year.

It is reported that in 2022, the focus will be on illegal contacts of defenders.

Per Kevin Seifert from ESPN:

The NFL has asked its on-field officials to pay special attention to illegal contact fouls in the 2022 season, a league spokesman confirmed Monday. The request may lead to an increase in the number of such flags after a big drop in the 2021 season.

Prohibited contact occurs when the defender maintains contact with the receiver at a distance of more than five yards. Penalties were awarded an average of 97 times per season for 18 years. However, in 2021, he was called only 36 times.

This is not the first time that attention has been focused on this foul. The NFL did this back in 2014, and the number of calls rose to 148 from 52 the previous year.

In addition, Seifert notes that rough penalties for passing will also be a “significant” moment for clarification this season.

To say that contact with the head and below the knee should be “forced”, in order to remove some of the flags for minor and accidental contact with the quarterback.


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