Report: Netflix Starts Talks for Season 6 of the Lucifer Series


According to a claim made by TVLine, Netflix may be working for season 6 of Lucifer, who will normally say goodbye to season 5. According to the news by TVLine, the producers and Netflix started their first negotiations for the new season.

Lucifer, one of the most popular series of today, took the roads with Fox at the end of the third season and joined Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix has announced in the announcement last year that the 5th season of the series will be the last season.

Although the final decision made upset the audience of the series, Netflix had not returned from its decision at least until now. We’ve said so far because Netflix wants a new story to continue with the sixth season of the series led by Tom Ellis. According to the news shared by TVLine, Netflix has started talks with the producers for the new season of the beloved series.

The 6th season of Lucifer, which has been decided to cancel in the 3rd season, can come:
Recently, a large-scale campaign was carried out by the fans so that the series did not make a final on social media. Apparently, the producers of the series and Netflix were unable to keep their ears on the wishes of social media fans and started making some plans for the 6th season.

At this point, a possible new season will probably meet with viewers on Netflix screens in 2021. Normally, the decision to cancel by Fox at the end of Season 3 will double his life with a possible season 6.

According to what has been raised about the 5th season of the series so far, Havva, who decided to walk away to solve her problems on her own at the end of the 4th season, will return in the new season. At this point, Joe Henderson, in a statement he made earlier, confirmed these claims and said, “I hope this was not your last appearance on Eve.”

Lucifer’s first four seasons published so far are now available on Netflix. The new season, which will be released later this year, will also be available on Netflix.


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