Report: LeBron James will Participate in the Pro-Am League This Saturday

It is reported that this summer LeBron James is going to entertain NBA fans in the offseason.
According to NBA insider Chris Haynes, LeBron will play in the Drew League on Saturday.
This will be the first appearance of the greatest hooper at a professional tournament in Los Angeles after the NBA lockout in 2011.
The fans are clearly delighted with this news. A video recording of LeBron’s best moments when he last played in the Drew League has become a legend.
LeBron’s lack of involvement in the Drew League over the past decade has been dictated by the success of his teams in the postseason. Since his last performance in 2011, he has reached the finals eight times in a row. He missed the playoffs in his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers, but still decided to opt out of the Drew League.
After missing the playoffs again this season, LeBron is undoubtedly eager to get back on the court.
At 37, the NBA veteran is still showing some of the best results in his career. Expect to see some of these elite talents this weekend.