Report: Kevin Durant’s Trade Talks Cause Pessimism


Earlier this offseason, NBA superstar Kevin Durant requested an exchange from the Brooklyn Nets organization.

Although Durant wants to leave, there is reportedly “pessimism” about the team’s ability to find a trade for the four-time champion ahead of the 2022-23 season.

NBA insider Ian Begley says this pessimism stems from the lack of a third team willing to facilitate a blockbuster deal.

“Finding a third or fourth team to help facilitate a deal that the Nets deemed appropriate was not easy,” Begley said. “As of last month, there wasn’t much interest in the league in teams acting as a third or fourth team as a conduit to do something.”

The lack of viable trading partners for Durant can also be explained by the sky-high price set by the Nets. The Brooklyn organization wants an All-Star player and several first-round picks.

“We have a pretty giant gap between the cost of Kevin Durant for the Nets and what the market is willing to pay,” ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst said back in July.

Boston, Phoenix, Miami and Toronto were announced as possible trading partners of the Nets.

The NBA training camp ends in two months.


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