Report: How Much Money the Pac-12 Is Losing Because of USC, UCLA – The Spun: What’s in the World of Sports Today


The Pac-12 will feel the defection of USC and UCLA for a very long time.

The Conference lost both teams in its largest media market (as well as in the surrounding areas). And in general, it will be a financial blow to what was once one of the most popular leagues in the country.

According to Bob Thompson, former president of FOX Sports Networks, it was expected that the Pac-12 would conclude a television deal for about $500 million per year on the next contract. Now he says they will get a haircut for at least $200 million.

“My guess is that the Pac-12 networks will pretty much become a shadow of themselves,” Thompson explained via John Canzano’s Bold Faced Truth. “Think of one channel instead of seven. A good part of the programs on streamers like ESPN+ or something like that.”

Not only has the conference lost the Trojans and Bruins, Oregon and Washington have also come into question when it comes to future defections.

ESPN’s Paul Finebaum suggested that UNC and Miami could also leave the ACC for the SEC or Big Ten. As the movement towards two major college football conferences continues.