Report: How Joe Barrow recalled his first workout


For the first time since his appendectomy, Joe Barrow returned to the Bengals’ training field and took part in several workouts on Sunday.

Per Paul Dener Jr. from The Athletic:

The Bengals let Joe Burrow decide if he would participate in a 7 on 7 near the end of practice. We were going to see how he was feeling. Not only did Burrow decide to take part, he did all the reps—even the second team. Oh, and he lost two dimes down the field.

Burroughs continues to show why it is he who helps lead the Bengals to the promised land.

After breaking through in 2021, when Cincinnati made it to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1989, Burrow is ready to follow that up with another MVP-level campaign this season.

This path begins on September 11 with the AFC North versus the Steelers.


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