Report: Decision made in the case of domestic violence by Rajon Rondo


Cleveland Cavaliers quarterback Rajon Rondo ran into some pretty serious legal trouble last month when the mother of his children filed an emergency protective order against him.

But it looks like Rondo has avoided any further legal problems after the recent ruling. Last week, a judge ordered him to withdraw an emergency protection order.

The protective order was filed after he was accused of pointing a gun at Ashley Bachelor in May. It is reported that Rondo became enraged when the Bachelor interrupted a video game session between him and his son.

According to TMZ, court documents say Rondo smashed objects around the house and threatened the Bachelor. He left the house before returning with a gun.

Rajon Rondo still has a contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2022/23 season. But at 36, he can’t have too many seasons.

Joining the Cavs last year in a three-team trade with the Lakers, Rondo has played 21 games and averaged just under 10 points and eight assists per game.

However, the Cavs have not commented on the controversy involving Rondo, and there’s certainly a chance they’ll decide he’s not worth the trouble.

The NBA offseason will begin immediately after the 2022 NBA Draft. Perhaps in the next few weeks we will find out what the future in the NBA is for the four-time All-Star quarterback.