Report chaotic environment in Dying Light 2: Techland


In an interview with The Gamer, several sources at Techland reported new details about the troubled development of Dying Light 2 and decided to vent about the countless problems that the company and its employees have been facing, accusing it of poor management, bad feedback and lack of direction.

Announced in 2018, the sequel to the acclaimed Dying Light has been facing a heavy bar in recent years, with delays in its planning, leaked development problems and confusion behind the scenes. According to Techland members and former members, all conflicts are caused by the difficulty of working with CEO Pawel Marchewka, who does not seem to accept opinions contrary to his or new ideas.

Through a new report released, studio sources said that internal turnover is high and that management is unable to sustain new talent, as well as being unable to stick to schedules and maintain workflows. In addition, Techland seems to rely almost entirely on a system of external consultants, bothering the team with the lack of confidence in its own employees.

“You are often being asked, or rather, expected to show references of competitors’ work before yours,” said a dev. “Techland, in general, has this vibe of killing creativity. As everything in the end is changed by the directors, every idea presented has to have many references. If you have references from games that Marchewka may not know, you may as well not have references, and anything slightly innovative or expensive leaves the table immediately. ”

Under much criticism of copies of other works and a lack of originality, the thinking within the company is that management “has no idea what the final game will be or what the story is”, and Dying Light 2 follows, in this way, without prospects of reaching the market.


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