Replay 21 is released with your Apple Music summary!


Apple Music Replay 21, which summarizes the artists and songs you listen to the most in 2021, has been released.

Apple Music Replay 21 has been opened to users. This service, which is a direct competitor of Spotify Wrapped; provides a comprehensive summary of the songs, artists and albums you listened to the most throughout the year. Apple Music Replay, which presents this summary as a personal playlist it has prepared for you, distinguishes itself from Spotify Wrapped in that it is available throughout the year.

Apple Music Replay 21 covers your listening habits in 2021, as can be understood from the number “21” in its name. The feature uses your Apple Music listening history to calculate your most listened tracks, albums and artists. However, you can only access the created Replay list via the platform’s web page.

How to view Apple Music Replay 21?

Apple Music Replay cannot be accessed directly from the Apple Music app. You can view your repeat playlists from the “Listen Now” tab in Music; however, you need to visit the Apple Music web page to access Replay itself and see your detailed listening habits.

To access your Apple Music Replay 21 playlist:

  • Open from a browser of your choice.
  • Click on “Get Your Replay Mix” or “Get Your Replay Playlist”.
  • When prompted, sign in with the Apple ID you used with your Apple Music subscription.

After completing the three stages, you can access your most listened tracks, artists and albums in 2021. If the Apple Music Replay 21 page is blank for you and no playlist is visible, it means that you have not accumulated enough listening history for Replay to occur. At this point, you should have Apple Music identify you by listening to a few songs.

How does the Apple Music Replay feature work?

Apple Music Replay feature; Apple Music uses your listening history to calculate the tracks, albums, and artists you’ve listened to the most throughout the year. In addition to your listening history, the following methods are also used:

  • Music played on any device signed into Apple Music with your Apple ID is taken into account.
  • Music played on devices that have “Use Listening History” turned off in Settings will not be included.
  • Only music available in the Apple Music catalog is added to the list.
  • Songs playing in your library must be synced to your Apple Music subscription.
  • The minimum number of times or how long you listen to tracks, artists or albums is taken into account.

Apple Music Replay 21 includes your listening activities not only in 2021 but also in past years. By going to the “Listen Now” tab, you can get a replay playlist for each year you are an Apple Music subscriber. You can also view the top 10 albums you’ve listened to so far and how many times you’ve listened to each of them.