RENØ: Service and how to use it to download the reference?


RENØ: We have told you how the Income 2020 application works and is used to be able to present your return this year by mobile. And also what requirements do you need to download it on Android and iOS. Today we are going to focus on an essential service for the processing of the declaration. A service called RENØ.

RENØ service, what is it

A service accessible through the Internet, RENØ is the system by which the Tax Agency informs you of your reference number, a key number that you need and allows you from the first day of the Income Tax campaign to process the draft or return or obtain tax data. The best thing is that without exiting the “RENØ” application you can access “Renta WEB”, entering the reference number received.

The reference will not be unique or linked to a file; A different one will be delivered each time it is requested, with a maximum of ten per day. Therefore, if you lose or forget it, you can request another one.

How to use RENØ to download the reference in the Renta 2020 app

The application of Income 2020 allows us access to our tax data, the consultation of income tax returns from previous years or the presentation of the return or the consultation of the processing status, as well as personalized notices that will allow us to receive push notifications in the application related to your statements.

Certain procedures that do not require user identification are also accessible, such as the collation of information or the presentation of documentation in the telematic registry. This avoids us having to physically go to one of the Tax Offices -and lose a day of own business at work because of it, since we can manage everything from the phone itself.

RENØ is a function that is in the app but outside the Income 2020 menu. Using the option “See reference” you can view the last reference with which you have identified in the application. Also from this same section you can check the mobile devices on which the consulted user is active – you, in this case. For it:

1.Open the app and log in
2.Look for the option ‘Ren0 (Reference Management)’ – it is the third option below ‘Income 2020’ and ‘Previous years’
3.Enter and give the first option, ‘See Reference’
4.You will get a table with an alphanumeric figure assigned to you. That is the number that you must use to make the arrangements. And if you are going to access your statement on a device other than the mobile you are using at that time, to access and identify yourself you will have to use that same code.


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